Data cataloging

Data Cataloging

Cataloging data typically involves identification, extraction, standardization and enrichment of item information and attribute descriptions, classification of products and services according to a global commodity classification standard like the UNSPSC, and hence being able to identify possible overlaps in the existing system and between several internal system records and also vendor catalogs through item attribute detail comparisons.

Advantages of Data Cataloging Software

Often, cataloging data is considered expensive as it involves an extensive and recurring process of collecting data and maintaining it for rendering data as information useful in making rapid and informed decisions.

Classified and cataloged data provides increased visibility into enterprise supplies and spends, helps lower compliance costs, integrates data through out the supply chain and enables interoperability of data.

Using our data cataloging software, helps customers improve productivity without spending hours of manual labor to cleanse data for ERP implementations or MDM applications!

Banyan Solutions’ Data Cataloging Software

Banyan Solutions offers a reliable, affordable and scalable solution to data cataloging through a custom-made software application for classifying and cataloging data. Our data cataloging software makes cataloging a simple process for an end-user. This single tool facilitates file outputs in a variety of formats, enabling clients to take out enriched data in their most suitable format, in minutes!

Banyan’s data cataloging software is generally customized to suit the requirements of each customer. Mostly if it’s single user software, the TCO is NIL as the application would run on a MS-ACCESS backend.

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