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Need for Cataloging or Standardizing Data

Many enterprises deal with large volumes of inventory data scattered across locations, poorly maintained and often laden with inconsistencies.

It is common to find incomplete and ambiguous descriptions restricted to a single text field for the same inventory items across multiple enterprise applications (purchase requisition, supply management, ERP etc), resulting in mis-classification or / and duplication of master data.

The lack of up-to-date, uniform and accurate master data leads to poor management of spend & supply processes, causing business incompetence, operational inefficiencies and avoidable productivity losses.

Defining ‘Data Cataloging’ Data cataloging involves identifying the items to a standard like the eOTD (ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary); extracting, standardizing, normalizing and sometimes even enriching these values from sources other than the legacy description; classifying these items using global item classification standards like UNSPSC for the purposes of spend analysis, inventory rationalization, optimization of supply spends and inventory management processes.

data cataloging

Benefits of Cataloging data

Cataloging or standardizing enterprise master data to international standards like the eOTD significantly increases the efficiency of available data for any ERP system, by removing duplicates and eliminating inconsistencies.

In short, data cataloging transforms data that is unstructured, ambiguous, inconsistent and hence cannot be used for making any informed decisions, into highly standardized and actionable information ready for use!

Cataloging legacy data helps
  • Standardize records across locations and applications
  • Easily share information with trading partners
  • Perform enterprise-wide spend analysis
  • Significantly improve the efficiency of ERP system
  • Monitor item spend and utilization patterns
  • Spot savings opportunities
  • Perform item reduction studies
  • Better sourcing & contracting
  • Part substitution & interoperability
  • Better insights for material management
  • Increase overall productivity & efficiency

Data Cataloging Services from Banyan Solutions

Banyan Solutions is ISO 8000 – 110 certified and a specialized service provider with vast experience in cataloging and standardizing master data using eOTD and other industry standards. Banyan uses in-house tools for cataloging purposes and has an in-house database of over a million items already coded to international standards. This database also acts as reference to catalogue items. No additional tools are required at the client side and usually files are provided in an output format most suitable for the client. We also provide SAP load file format, if specified by the client, where the data is to be loaded into SAP. Our data cataloging solutions complies with the ISO 8000 – 110.

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